Aλβανική προπαγάνδα

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Aλβανική προπαγάνδα

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May 1999: An Albanian emigrant in Greece, disgruntled over payment with his employer, after complained to the Greek authorities and was escorted to the border and deported to Albania. After buying an AK-47 and two grenades, he returned to Greece and went to Thessaloniki, where he took hostage a bus carrying fourteen people. The Greek government gave him the $250,000 that he had asked for and allowed him to enter Albania with his hostages. Close to Tirana, the negotiators sought to convince him to let the hostages free. He wounded one and was killed in return by a RENEA sniper.

Η κλασική πλαστογράφηση της πραγματικότητας από τους Αλβανούς παραπληροφορεί τον αναγνώστη του κειμένου καθώς ουσιαστικά διαγράφουν τον θανάσιμο τραυματισμό του Έλληνα πολίτη και αποσιωπούν την εγκληματική αμέλεια να παραδώσουν στις Ελληνικές αρχές τους ενόχους της δολοφονίας.

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